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Can anyone recommend some little girls earrings that WON'T fall out?

Posted 2nd Jan 2009
As above.

I am SOOO fed up of having to always replace my daughter's earrings when she loses 1, she has loads of odd earrings now LOL!

She is 6 years old. I bought her some pink heart stone earrings from H Samuel for £14.99 a couple of weeks ago, the stone fell out after after LITERALLY 5 minutes! So I returned those and exchanged them for a butterfly pair, one stud fell out after 1 day - we found the earing (squashed after having been stood on!) but not the back. With a bit of persuasion, my dear old Mum managed to get them refunded for me.

I have bought earrings from Argos, H Samuel and HPJ (they lasted the longest in the past but have not been too satisfied with any of them.

So, just wondered if anyone had found a good pair of studs, maybe with an extra secure back or something, or very small hoops (hoops do seem to last better) that don't fall out?

Looking to spend up to £15/£20
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