can anyone recommend somewhere INDOORS to take the kids aorund London/Essex?

As above.

We were planning to take the kids to Old McDonalds Farm in Brentwood on Tuesday but looks like we won't be able to due to the weather.

Don't know where we can take them except cinema (boring), the usual indoor play areas (been before) or London aquarium (too pricey and parking problems)

Please, PLEASE can anyone tell me somewhere we can go? The kids are really looking forward to it! They are 3 and 5 years old.

Thanks loads and will leave rep for help


how about the science museum...


Museum or swimming.

Original Poster

Oh yeah, the museum - done natural history museum a few times already (and my daughter has nightmares about dinosaurs after the visit so won't go anymore, bless) and they weren't too keen on science museum.

Can't do swimming either

What about the London eye? Some friends said that was quite good. Do they still do bus tours of London? Our eldest loved that when she was three. The novelty was travelling on a bus I suppose.


Dr Who exhibition at Earl's court.


Dr Who exhibition at Earl's court.

Is that the same one that was in Manchester last summer? If so it was very good, ,our kids were talking about it for days, definitely worth a visit.

o2 complex
- various things

your children didnt enjoy science museum !!…ree

Theres a few suggestions here. Including HMS Belfast which has special events on this weekend, and the museum of childhood. For 3 and 5 year olds the childhood museum would probably be of more interest than other museums.

This is the link for a children theatre showing all child friendly stuff, a few people I know have taken their younger kids and say its well worth a visit.

this is a very good site to put in your options stated



Is that the same one that was in Mnacjester last summer? If so it was … Is that the same one that was in Mnacjester last summer? If so it was very good, ,our kids were talking about it for days, definitely worth a visit.

Yes, it was very good.

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Thanks all, will look into the websites and rep you all soon! :thumbsup:

The london tour we may well give a go when the weather is nice so we can sit up top. (Anyone seen the Ducktours buses, now they look cool!)

The London Eye I have often considered so may well look into that, but I am not sure how long it would keep my 2 amused for, especially at their age - my son always needs to be moving LOL!

Dr Who, my kids have never watched, so maybe if they had watched it and were older.

Forgot about the childhood museum so will look into that

Holly100 What is there for the kids to do at the O2? All I know is the cinema and Afrika Afrika? O2 would be good for us for travelling and parking.

Original Poster

Think we will do the Childhood Museum this week, thanks again everybody - I have left you rep and have got some good ideas perhaps for the summer holidays :thumbsup:
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