Can anyone recommend the Nokia N86??

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Found 2nd Jan 2009
As title.

Am thinking of getting one, as I cant be doing with all the touchscreen thingybobs, must be my age.

Have to admit to being a Nokia person too!

Rep for any advice



I have one and i like it alot! camera is good too and pretty easy to use overall

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Rep on it's way.

Anymore advice welcome

Its a pretty user friendly phone.......
someone I know has one and cant stop praising it.
Says its the easiest phone theyve ever handled........
go for it!!


I have the N85 and its the best thing since sliced bread, in facts its better than sliced bread... I had the N96 and the N95 before that and this has been the absolute best phone ive ever had... I play with iPhones and N97s etc all day and I just love my N85... The N86 is slightly bigger and the keypad is nicer to use on the N86 (also has a better camera), however I went for the N85 just because it was a wee bit smaller

Im used to charging my phone every day and im not one of those dumb people that will get an advanced phone and only use it to make calls and then complain about it because its more complicated than a 3310 or someone who will complain over the battery only lasting a day because I dont expect it to last forever... However I can get away with forgetting to charge this for a few days and it will keep going and thats amazing for a smart phone

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Thanks ever so!! I'm gonna look at ordering today. Rep added

Not sure how to buy tho, am stuck in my Voda contract for some time, so it'll either be sim free or cheapish contract and put my sim in. Does anyone have any advice on this too??


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Oooo thanks for that!! What a fab site


get the n85- i own it- gr8 battery life, looks sexy and all round top phone with spring action slide

pick one up on ebay for £120


Thank you, it should show you all the contract options available as well as any pay as you go and unlocked sim free offers for the phones, if its much cheaper than I would go with the N85, however if its only a little more then I would go for the N86 with the better camera, did I mention I love my N85

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lol ermmm once or twice yeah


Be carefull of buying them from ebay, unless its a company on there, people sell their contract phones, if they dont pay their bills your phone could get blocked (even months later)

The N85 has an FM transmitter which is bloomin' genius, I'm not sure if the N86 does though. Not a massive selling point but it's all small points that add up.

anyone know if the N86 or N85 could be used for geocaching?
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