Can anyone recommend things to fix furniture to wall to make it child and topple proof?

Found 19th Jun 2008
I want to put some kind of unit in my daughters room for books/toys, I am concerned that she may pull this down or start climbing it (for it to come down). Obviously this is very dangerous and can be fatal. Has anyone used any fixings etc. to attach furniture to the wall and if so can they recommend any? Thanks.
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you get them with ikea furniture? bit of fabric that you screw to top of furniture and to wall? you can get metal ones too-im sure at b&q or similar? just a right angle with w hole in each side?
Ohhhhhhh I retract mine........ go for that ^^^^^^^^
wrap everything in bubble wrap including the kid.
It may be worth looking at storage solutions from Ikea, they have a reasonable selection of child friendly bedroom storage furniture
The most important thing when fixing straps to the top is using the correct fixing for the type of wall you are attaching plasterboard, masonary etc, am I right guys???

am I right guys???


ok yeah.... I just like to be difficult :whistling:
a screw :?
Generally - these aren't very useful comments guys you know (have checked out Ikea options for those who sensibly suggested this).

Had n't considered about what type of wall it is going into - will check.,
You could try something like this (like louloo mentioned) -…-10

Cheap and most hardware stores sell them. Screw one side into the wall the other side into the top of the unit.

Some tall cupboards/shelves come with a nylon/canvas strap which you just screw into the wall.
blu tac's great (but might not hold for long ;-))

or double sided tape
Go with the tip from Gari189. It is only temporary after all ( Allthough a few years ) and it worked for me.

Cassieismydoggie, Good job you're not serious. :-D
I am, so !!
It's what I use (there must be about 50 bits of old gum behind mine now)
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