Can anyone recommend where to can get a Yamaha XJ600S Diversion (motorbike) box/carrier

    Need one as cheap as possible that can fit 2 helmets (apparantly that's a size of 45litres) along with the box and attachments.

    Cheers in advance, as I need to get this ordered asap for my Dad.


    There is a Diversion forum (I'm a member )

    Does your dad already have a rack on the back? If so you can get some for around £50-£60 (I think)

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    There is a Diversion forum (I'm a member There is a Diversion forum (I'm a member )[url][/url] Does your dad already have a rack on the back? If so you can get some for around £50-£60 (I think)

    Hi mate,

    I didn't know you were into them as well.

    He doesn't have a rack or anything at the moment, as he only purchased it a few weeks ago and wants to add a few things.

    Can you recommend good places that sells the stuff or maybe you can ask on that forum for me? :thumbsup:

    The places I usually get my stuff are

    You can get a 46l case for £50…458
    but he'd need a sports rack which are about £60

    Givi monorack is another option (better quality) but racks and cases are more expensive.

    To be honest you'd be better picking them up 2nd hand on ebay (if you can wait).....there is a sports rack for sale for the D6 on there are the moment (its pick up only but you might persuade the seller otherwise). Just search for diversion rack. (be careful as xj600 is also the name of the previous model but if it says its for xj600s or xj600n or Diversion xj600 - you should be okay)

    There are lots of great technical advice on the forum - if you dad uses the internet its well worth a look (as the D6 like any bike has its own little foibles)

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    Cheers mate, that's really helpful, I'll let my dad know and see what he thinks.

    Is there any that you recommend he should get, my dad wants it as cheap as possible but if higher quality is only a bit more expensive, than he wouldn't mind.

    We were actually gonna buy the ones in the second post on this thread, is there anything like that around for less?

    The Kappa stuff is okay made in the same factory as Givi. The only thing you have to watch is they come with two different fitting plates - monokey and monolock. Monolock tends to be slightly cheaper. If you buy a monolock rack make sure you buy a monolock box......

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    Whoopsy, I tried to order the case you suggested but apparantly it's out of stock until next month, as well as the sports rack there.

    I received a call from them today saying that I ordered the wrong parts anyway, as I require:

    520 437 - top plate - £38.49
    520348 - givi fitting kit £55.99
    569056 - teckbox £49.99

    Do you know where I can get these cheaper and instock?

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    I don't mind if the box costs more, as we want a good box but we need to buy the correct parts, as I previously ordered the wrong ones. :oops:....shows what I know about motoring and explains why I need all the help I can get. :giggle:

    What year is the bike - they changed the fittings for 96 models onwards.....
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