Can anyone see a downside to this xtra-pc usb?

Found 2nd Nov 2016
I know that something similar can be achieved by downloading Linux, but aside from that, can anyone spot any real problems with it?
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My guess is they are selling you a copy of a Linux Operating System on a USB stick. As you say you can do it for free using a *live cd* this ( being the Debian Linux version.

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Yeah, it's not 'something similar' so much as exactly the same. It appears to be just a LiveUSB Linux version which you can do yourself easily enough if you already have the USB stick.
If your writing a lot to the usb then you can kill it pretty damn quickly especially if they have the paging file on the usb stick.
Just looks like a live distro of Lubuntu/Xubuntu with slight rebranding and a few apps preinstalled.
Would use a USB 3 stick with good read write speeds for the best experience
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