Can anyone see any difference between these two tv's?

    I can't other than the price and a different item number, notice the was price


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    ]tv 1
    tv 2

    They are both the same tv's right?


    ]tv 1]tv 2They are both the same tv's right?

    they seem to be the same.

    Looks like the same TV to me!

    yep, perhaps one might just be slightly older stock.

    only difference i see is the cheaper one has 'Bravia Engine 2' and the other doesn't state whether it does or doesn't...

    The additional features are different

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    looking at the sony model number it seems the same, but they have altered the the way thy have listed the description and decided to charge more, thats the way it looks to me

    There is only one KDL40V4000 so it will be the same set. It may be a case of Argos allocating different order numbers for different catalouge's which is why some of the spec appears to be different, they have a habbit of doing that!
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