Posted 8 August 2021

Jet2 Flight vouchers / Discount Codes | Official Request Thread

JET2 Promotions…ons

In need of a Jet2 discount code or flight voucher? - Request one here!
• Please only request a code if you're going to use it.
• Contributing members will be prioritised.
• Please do not post any personal info (such as email addresses, Twitter etc).

Have a code going spare? - Don't let it go to waste, share it here!
• Please only share codes via PM.
• Your generosity is appreciated

Offering and accepting of any codes in this thread (or across hotukdeals) is the responsibility of our members. It is your own responsibility to comply with the terms of any 3rd party and ensuring any eligibility requirements are met.

There are risks involved in any trade, so be sure to understand these before trading.
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  1. TightOurSole's avatar
    Sent, enjoy (edited)
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    Hi, out of interest how did you get the voucher please? I've signed up for offers plus we've booked a few hols over the years but never get sent anything either, best I can manage is the £60 rain cheques that they hand out on the plane.

    I'm actually about to book for an early next year winter week away so don't suppose the voucher you had would be multiple use, if so I'd really appreciate if you could please dm it over to me as well. Regards.
  2. Russ2626's avatar
    If you enter the Christmas competition on their app it gives you a £60 off voucher
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    I was just going to suggest that !

    The terms say:

    "Jet2holidays £60 Off Promotion Terms

    • The promotion code contained in the email must be added at the time of booking.
    • Offer only valid on new holidays booked between 00:01 on 1 December 2022 and 23:59 on 31 December 2022.
    • The discount is valid on all holidays with departure between 1 January 2023 and 31 October 2023.
    • The £60 discount is applied to the full balance of the holiday, not the deposit amount payable. Only one discount per booking. Please note, this is a unique promotion code which may only be used once.
    • Minimum of 2 adults per booking.
    • Customer must be aged 18 years or over to place a booking.
    • Offer available when booked online at, through the Jet2holidays app, through the Jet2holidays contact centre and through your travel agent.
    • Where applicable, the discount can be used in conjunction with any money off discount which is automatically applied to bookings on and/or the Jet2holidays app (subject to the terms of that promotion). For clarity, other than this, the discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other manually applied discount or offer.
    • Offer excludes group bookings.
    • If flight dates or passenger names are changed by the customer following the original booking, the discount will no longer apply and the full balance shall be payable.
    • Prices shown on our websites and in our advertising are subject to change without prior notice and are only guaranteed when your booking is confirmed.
    • Jet2holidays reserves the right to amend or remove this promotion at any time prior to customer booking.
    • All other terms and conditions as per the Jet2holidays website apply (see…ons)."
  3. Smiley119's avatar
    I have this £60 off code , we're not going to be using if you can make use of it.52526474-PHWLR.jpg
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    Thank you apritiate it.
  4. MonkeysUncle's avatar
    If you have a local travel agency who is partnered with jet2 they can usually give you a £100 - £200 discount if you book with them.
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    Just be careful though, if you know where you want to book see what the price is before you visit, we booked at our local travel agent but later when I checked it turned out we'd paid more than if we'd booked direct, I assumed at the time that the prices on the travel agents version of the Jet2 website were inflated to enable their commission, having said that it was iirc 8 years ago so things may have changed.
  5. cecilmcroberts's avatar
    If you don't get one the following give £60 off. Normally you get a further discount for booking via the app also.

    List of codes

    MAIL60 (expires 14th Feb)
    MISSGUIDED60 (expires 27th Feb)
    MATALAN60JET2 (expires 26th Feb)
  6. chump's avatar
    If anyones got a spare one would be appreciated
    edddie.14555's avatar
    £75 off

  7. saintscouple's avatar
    Join MyJet2 (itś free) and you get monthly vouchers - always £100 off a holiday
  8. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    Lidl app has £65 code also signing up to Jet2 gives better vouchers
    Lidl screenshot
    49278811-PVkfD.jpg (edited)
    agriff2's avatar
    Thanks, got a code.
  9. eelvis's avatar
    Join the jet2vip club and they send u vouchers all the time.
  10. Alexanderlocks's avatar
    Checked on lidl plus and it seems they've run out of codes. Sorry can't be of any help but I hope you have a lovely holiday and hopefully someone else might have a code they won't mind sharing
  11. smith2001uk's avatar
    PM sent. Let me know if it helps
    stefos89's avatar
    Got it. Thank you, I really appreciate it.
  12. cecilmcroberts's avatar
    BFABSUN Book by 28th (generic code, so others can use also), can be stacked with the £25pp offer if you book via the Jet2Holidays app. (edited)
  13. smith2001uk's avatar
    Hi all

    As someone who's given out codes before like just eat and Vodafone. I'm hoping karma comes back.

    Has anyone got a spare 15% off flights code that's come through in their emails? I'm in jet2 club but haven't received anything.

    Thank you in advance.
    craigbelperbrown's avatar
    Sent you a DM.
  14. Mr.Plow's avatar
    I've got one you can have either
    £120 off winter holidays until 31st march


    £100 off all holidays until 31st October

    Both have to be booked by 16th February

    Turn your PM setting on and let me know which one, bear in mind you're going to have to book it sharpish, oh and get the jet2 app if you haven't as you get another £10 off per person if booked on the app.
  15. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    DM sent
    tom4s's avatar
    Thank you so much!
  16. eelvis's avatar
    Sign upto to vip and get the £100off
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    How do I do that? I'm already registered with them.
  17. valueadd101's avatar
    Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to work for what I’m trying to book; probably as it’s summer.
    Thanks again!
    Mr.Plow's avatar
    They usually send a £100 off summer holidays code but I'd already given it away, should get another set tomorrow so if you can wait send me a DM and I'll pass it on.
  18. mef08's avatar

    Registered as a myjet2 member and waiting for a voucher for a few weeks but nothing came through. From previous threads I understand that a code gets sent twice a month?

    If you have any codes you can spare please can I have one ? Looking to bag a last minute family holiday.

    Perhaps I can help you in return, e.g., I have totum student.

    Thank you!
    craigbelperbrown's avatar
    Send me a DM.
  19. zabada's avatar
    If you are a myjet2 member, you get codes every 2 weeks for £100 off. I would PM my code to you, but cannot send messages at the moment. I'll see if support can sort it out.
  20. smith2001uk's avatar
    Sent DM with site link. No idea I'd bots block it. Let me know
  21. Tuta's avatar
    anilc23's avatar
    Awesome thank you so much!
  22. chrb's avatar
    Yes, the £100 doesn't seem to be offered at the moment, only £10 per person
  23. Rmcstar's avatar
  24. karen300's avatar
    thepostie20/12/2021 16:25

    I think if you sign up on their website you get sent codes once a month. …I think if you sign up on their website you get sent codes once a month. I'm inundated with these but can't afford to go anywhere out of school time!

    I think soon there will be some fantastic deals for holidays especially if things continue uncertain so the travel industry aren't making much but then it's a risk it doesn't go ahead and trying to get refunds and things so it's whether it's worth it
  25. sm9690's avatar
    Not a please or thank you in sight.
  26. jpoolfitz's avatar
    Welcome to hukd
  27. chump's avatar
    thanks for the codes. I never thought to try the app either, i'll check it out!
  28. oldmankensey's avatar
    I can confirm it worked perfectly. Cheers Stu. . Benidorm here I come (edited)
  29. cecilmcroberts's avatar
    £75 code in PM.
  30. psychobitchfromhell's avatar
    Please would've been nice, especially since no one here knows you or whether you're likely to take a code never to be seen again, or contribute to the site....
  31. jpoolfitz's avatar
    We’ve received your unique bid – we’ll be in touch with you via email if you’re the winner, so keep an eye on your inbox! In the meantime, you can use discount code SAVE60BFAB to get £60 off per booking* on any Jet2holiday up to October 2023. Simply book before midnight on 28 August 2022 and enter the code at checkout.
  32. PuzzleCube's avatar
    Strangely, i only found out recently, Lidl app is showing a Jet2 Holiday for £65 off, is this any help to you? Also book through the Jet2 app as there is an automatic £10 off pp.
    invade's avatar
    I knew about the £10 in the jet2 app but not the Lidl one, thanks I’ll take a look.
  33. Mr.Plow's avatar
    I get the jet2 fortnightly offers email and it looks like they've changed from giving a £100 off holiday code to £25 per person, the current one has to be used by 11th may for holidays taken by 31st October, if you want it let me know and I'll pm it over to you. (edited)
    Jeleigh's avatar
    Hi, is this different from the SUMMER50 code? Thanks
  34. NeilGrainger's avatar
    KatieMarsden9111/08/2021 17:34

    DM1AX463AF£100 off book by 20/9 for holidays before March2023

    Thank you but I’m booking flight only so it’s the flight code I need. Thanks anyway, very kind of you!
  35. NeilGrainger's avatar
    Toptrumpet11/08/2021 18:37

    OP, this request might not be fruitful for you. Having looked at the 15* …OP, this request might not be fruitful for you. Having looked at the 15* off t’s&c’s, the Jet2 website shows: The unique code may only be used by the customer who has received the email containing the code.[Image] If the codes are indeed unique, have you tried searching through all your inboxes by putting jet2 in the search box ( which may narrow the task down somewhat).

    Yep searched everywhere and it’s not there.

    Although the t&c’s state that it also says you don’t have to be logged into your account so means I can book it as a guest if I can get a code. Thank you thoygh
  36. headfullofcrisps's avatar
    Could I have 1 plz
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