Can anyone start me off with a PC build please?

    I'm planning to change my Samsung I7 Chronos7 ultrabook for a desktop PC.

    I'm not a complete novice and did build them myself ten years ago but I'm so far out of the loop I've no idea what spec and type of processor, memory to go for.

    I'll be using it for the usual but also some video processing and editing.

    I know there are partbuilder type websites but a heads up on processor and memory type, speed and size would be appreciated.

    I guess SSD is the way to go now?

    Alternatively. am I just as well buying ready made, from somewhere other than Currys, Amazon etc?

    many thanks.


    It's definitely better to go for your own build, you'll be getting so much more for your money.

    I'd recommend giving this website a look to start to build a system and compare prices:

    An i7 sounds like it'd be what you'd want for editing and video processing so those applications can utilise multi-threading. Fast RAM would be handy too.

    SSDs are so cheap these days it's definitely worth buying one, if only for your OS and a few applications.
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    I would recommend heading over to LinusTechTips forums. And watching his video's on youtube to catch up.

    SSD's are superior in boot up times, opening applications ect. Make sure to add your budget and what you want it for (general/gaming/server/video editing)

    if you're looking a relatively high spec you're still better building yourself. Low end it will work out cheaper to find some deal on a built PC.

    100 percent you want a SSD and building yourself will make it worthwhile as you'll be able to get a small SSD say 120gb and a normal HD from 500-1000gb which will be more than enough storage and very quick.

    processor and memory will come down to what you want to do. You mentioned video editing so you're talking i7 and 16gb, in my opinion. The processor therefore will obviously be your most expensive component but definitely self building at this spec will work out cheaper.

    Have you thought about keeping the Samsung and just grabbing a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Then you get the best of both and you won't have to take a hit selling off the Samsung.

    Cut costs on your case and motherboard, don't cheap out on a psu. Also worth looking on CEX website for some thing like a i7-6800k and other parts like ram yes I know its second hand but they test all components prior to shipping and everything comes with two year guarantee which is better than most high street shops. Ssd's are so cheap now can pick up a 240gb ssd up on amazon warehouse for about £45, perfect size for os and main applications.

    To be as basic as possible for a processor go Intel for now until AMD release something decent. An i3 can be a good start point if your budget isn't massive, and you can slot in an i5 or i7 into the same motherboard provided you buy the same generation chip. i3's use QuickSync so you *can* video edit on them however obviously an i5 would be better, 128GB SSD can hold Win10 and applications however i'd go 256 if you can so you can quickly output your video without a mech drive causing a performance hit. For graphics you'll need to know whether your application for editing video can utilise CUDA from Nvidia graphics cards or OpenGL from AMD then you can choose what to go for.

    You'd need to provide a budget for a list of parts which'll actually suit your needs though.

    Some really good advice so far on here. I would second... or third.. SSD for fast boot and whatever software you're running. A regular HD for storage (you could even go with a pair for backup, depending on your needs). I know there's an age old AMD V Intel argument eternally raging, but if budget is key I would seriously consider AMD (I can feel the boos already!). I build music production machines and have been using them in an education setting for some years. I've been pairing AMD processors with ASUS Sabertooth mobos and they've not let me down yet. As somebody mentioned previously, don't skimp on a PSU. 16gb of decent Ram and a good quality, sound absorbing, case that you can live with the look of.

    You might find a bare bones system at a good price in the sales, or possibly a pre-assembled mobo/CPU deal to build around. Happy building!
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    Have you thought about keeping the Samsung and just grabbing a monitor, … Have you thought about keeping the Samsung and just grabbing a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Then you get the best of both and you won't have to take a hit selling off the Samsung.

    ​I'm actually already doing that with what I consider to be a decent 21" monitor.

    I'd like a bigger and better second screen.

    Not sure if you keep up with the news or not..
    AMD are about to release their new CPUs and shortly after the new gpu(ryzen & Vega) Also nvidia are shortly to release the 1080ti. These releases will shuffle all of the prices a bit and may affect which mobo you want. So you might want to wait until after these are available
    Something that might have passed you by is that very few modern pc setups require the huge 7/8/900 watt Psu of ten yrs ago.

    Also be mindful of the gsync/free sync AMD/nvidia regarding gpu and monitor

    If I were buying today I'd buy everything except the mobo,cpu, gpu in the sales.
    And then evaluate in two months what was worth having out of the new stuff.
    If I couldn't wait I'd buy a 1080, and any cpu/ddr4 mobo that did 4.3g on air.
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    Superb, many thanks to all for the info.
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