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Can anyone still get Vodafone's £5 Big Value Bundle?

Posted 6th Oct 2021
Can anyone still get Vodafone's £5 Big Value Bundle?

Vodafone used to do this deal and someone got it as late as Sept 2020, but can one still get it now, if so how?

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    I have expired this thread as i can now answer my own question -

    Yes you can still get the Vodafone £5 Big Value Bundle - and i was able to do it this way -

    - I first logged into my Vodafone account for the sim and used the topup option there to Topup £5

    - then after that was activated and i now had £5 credit showing in my account, i then sent this SMS


    and that was it, after a couple of mins i then got a message from vodafone that the £5 Big Value Bundel, giving me 150 mins, 250 texts and 100MB of data for 30 days

    ... i know that not much but i just wanted to keep the sim with the number activated for another 3 - 6mths with the topup ie so the sim card is not cancelled due to inactivity, so im happy with that
    What a legend, that worked. Looks like you can still activate it by texting, but not through the app