Can anyone suggest a cheap domain to be hosted on 000webhost (for academic research purpose)

Found 20th Nov 2009
I'm at the finished stages of building a website for academic research purpose. I read that 000webhost is a good free host. Now I'm looking for a cheap domain name to link to 000webhost. I found Godaddy having a sale for 1 year domain name for $2 so would that be a good choice to link it to 000webhost? Also, I would like to keep it flexible so if by any chance 000webhost is acting up, I can change it to another hosting company for free so would Godaddy still be a good choice? The people visiting my site will all be from the UK if that makes any difference.
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I run my own hosting company ;-) got my own server in a UK based Datacentre and tend to use for registrations, ok a bit dearer as its 8.99 for a for 2 years, you just create a free account and then buy your domain name, you then get ful control of the domain registration and can change the nameservers to point to any hosting you wish through the control panel. Been using them for years and never had one single problem.

What features are you looking the hosting to have? i.e. sql, cpanel, cgi, etc etc
I don't need any extra features for the websites since it'll just be in HTML. Thanks for the suggestion for, I am just looking for 1 year registration and a bit cheaper hopefully.

Anyone know about Godaddy domains and whether it'll be a good choice for what I am doing?
I use 1and1.

It used to be £1.99 per year (It may be £2.99 now).

You can change nameservers to whatever you like there too (with full control over IP records and MX (mail) records).

I know other people who use 123reg.
Is the minimum that I can register a is 2 years? Other domains can just register for 1 year! I have tried with 3 domain registering sites already and they all need me to register 2 year min!
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