Can anyone suggest some good 2 player, co-operative games for the Xbox 360......

Looking for suggestions for 2 player, co-operative games for the Xbox 360.

My missus likes playing games but not ones with 100 buttons etc, she prefers simpler games, but Id like something with a bit more involvment, can anyone suggest any titles which might be suitable for us both.....


Any of the lego games

halo 3

can you play Gears of war co-op on the same console or is it online only?

Gears of war 2

left 4 dead.

Epic stuff

left for dead!! its the only game my misses will play on the xbox 360

hi why not try 'lips'. its a singing game which comes with 2 microphones :-)

Gears of war 1 & 2
Call of Duty 3,4 or 5

Army of Two?

Cna't believe no one has mentioned rainbow six games... both are immence 2 players.


can you play Gears of war co-op on the same console or is it online only?

Both . :thumbsup:

Guitar hero... (any of them)
the simpsons
Lego (Starwars, Indiana Jones, Batman)

Geometry Wars 2 from Xbox Live Arcade... Only game the girlfriend plays lol

Castle Crashers from xbox live arcade - great fun.

Alternatively, Gears of War 1 or 2, Call of Duty 4, any lego game.

If you want something cheap then perfect dark zero is alright as a co-op and can be bought for £5


Any of the lego games

2nd'ed - especially if she is not into blood/gore etc

Most girls won't be into shooting/gorey games, so if she's not then I would highly recommend games like Guitar Hero. :thumbsup:

If she is into shooters, I would highly recommend Gears of War 1 and 2....and once you complete it, head over to xbox live for some great fun.

Checkout Xbox Live Arcade, there's a lot of good classic games over there that may be more entertaining.

marvel ultimate alliance is a great two player for girls, you can button bash and still do good but if you want you can learn all the combos !
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