Can anyone suggests the best way to avail of Sky signing up perks when moving house?

I'm moving house in a months time and was thinking about cancelling Sky and signing up via Quidco to get the cashback and voucher deals that are available through those sites.

Anyone got any details on how they work and what's the best way to go about it?

The current Sky account is in my name with my email address and the gf paying the bill monthly. When I sign up I assume I will have to use a new name/email/payment details?
Anyone got the best deals for them around. Looking for a TV/Broadband combo.


I had a problem with the same debit card account so didn't go ahead. had to get the other half to do it.

Family pack
Line rental
Unlimited bb
Weekend calls
£32 for 6months then £42 for 6
£25 up front £50 tesco voucher in return
You won't get this online you will have to go to your local city or town where you know a sky advisor will be and sign up. ☺

Just found this
I'd happily recommend you and bag us £75.00 Voucher each.
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Thanks for the offer of the voucher referral. Might actually get in contact with you when I do sign up. Anyone know if you can get the referral voucher on top of the £100 tesco voucher + £100 cashback via Quidco?

Cancel it and they will soon ring you with offers, i moved in april and got everything bar movies for £44 a month for a year with no contract

I tried this when we moved, I don't know how, but they sussed and contacted me. I had to write a letter saying I had made a mistake and had to continue with my old account. I could have cancelled altogether but I really wanted to stay with them.
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