Can anyone tally up how much i could sell this lot for ? thanks

    Playstation 3 3 month old (like new)
    Ps3 remote control
    Ps3 Wireless Headset

    Ratchett and clank Tools of destruction
    Call of Duty 4
    Tiger woods 08
    Tiger woods 07
    Unreal Tournement
    Grand Theft Auto IV
    Unchartered Drakes Fortune
    Virtual Fighter 5
    Assassins creed
    Harry potter and the order Phoenix

    Thanks to anyone that helps.....cant be bothered with this stuff anymore, its all boxed up and not been used in the past 3 weeks.


    £20.....but I'll give you £30 :thumbsup:

    What size Hard Drive does it have that will make some difference

    Thats not worth that much...i'll give you £100 for the lot. I doubt you'll get more than that

    Size of ps3 hdd?


    £20.....but I'll give you £30 :thumbsup:

    My offer beats his and i'm not bothered by the HDD size:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    40gb didnt get the higher one

    I'd say its worth about £500 - £520.
    You best bet would be to sell games individually.


    I'd say its worth about £500 - £520.You best bet would be to sell games i … I'd say its worth about £500 - £520.You best bet would be to sell games individually.

    I agree with spobby. Might take a bit longer but you will end up with more money :thumbsup:


    I'd say its worth about £500 - £520.You best bet would be to sell games i … I'd say its worth about £500 - £520.You best bet would be to sell games individually.

    That's what I was thinking price wise

    I think you'd be looking at nearer the £400 mark. Check out, it will give you an idea of how much to charge for the games. You can get them all new for just over £200 and seeing as you can buy a PS3 for under £300 I don't think you'll get £500 for your bundle.

    Original Poster

    The pick up would have to be around the dundee area, im from arbroath but could meet within reason
    i couldnt have the ps3 delivered i dont think so there wont be a delivery added on.

    £400 for the lot sounds ok to me, all the games are in like new condition, you just need to check my feedback for proof that i dont spoof haha

    Thanks all for the help, ill have a think and maybe stick it on the FS later

    Good luck mate :thumbsup:

    I'll take COD4 off you Saxo if you'd sell it separately:)

    A seller on HUKD let me down yesterday on it after I'd paid him £23 delivered for it:(

    He refunded my money back to me as he was going on holiday and said he didn't have time to post it before he went, but I'm in Dundee so could giive you the cash for it therefore no fees to pay:)

    Also, my neighbour is looking for a PS3 but I know he wouldn't pay £400 for it as he wouldn't want all the games that you have for it??

    If you could let me have a price for it without the games, then I'll speak to him about it for you if you like.

    Finally, please let me know either way about COD4:)


    Original Poster

    you would have to be in the dundee area, i wouldnt fancy trying to send it lol

    EDIT: which i just noticed you are lol
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