Can anyone tell me a bit about Quidco?

    Hey, i'm new to all this so excuse my ignorance! Quico is mentioned a lot in here, have had a quick look at the site and it looks it as good as it appears?


    Its worked for me so far an I am pleased- been a member for 6 months. Simple and straightforward to to use. I look at it as money for old rope. Especially when I was going to spend the money anyway. Would recommend it. Not so sure about the other cashback websites though.

    Quidco is a site you go through when you shop. I personally don't use but use a similar site called We Promise To which I think works in the same way:

    For example if you want to buy something at Marks and Spencer you log into We Promise To and then log into Marks from their site. You then shop as normal. However at the end of the shop you will get a percentage of (for example 5%) the total shopping bought. This is then put into a pot in your account with We Promise To and then at the end of the month you will paid either in vouchers or by BACS into your bank account.

    I hope this helps.

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    Also, you can refer to the dedicated Quidco thread (see my signature) for further questions and queries

    Thanks & Welcome to Hotukdeals

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