Can anyone tell me how much i can get for my old pc?

    Im trying to get rid of my old pc its a gateway gt3020b but with these specs:

    -Pentium 4 processor 630 with Hyper-Threading Technology
    -Intel® 945G chip set
    -3gb 500mhz ddr2 memory
    -audigy 2 sound card
    -DVD +/- RW, 16X Multi-Format Double Layer drive
    -8-in-1 Digital Media Manager
    -250 GB and 80gb 7200 RPM Serial ATA hard drive


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    100 notes?

    Might make £120 with legal Windows, Otherwise I'd say Disco is about right at 100 max. Probably better off selling on Ebay as you sometimes hit lucky there and get a lot more than you expect.

    i wouldsay possibly a little more if u get the right person the hard drive space is ok for this age (not gd though ;-) ) CPU big problem its a bit slow GFX 945? okish for low end work eg office/youtube vids or paint. lots of ram.... why so much? this spec machine wouldnt know what to do with it! i would say 120/30

    What applications loaded, are there any problems with it - is disc clean with no dead sections etc?
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