Can anyone tell me how much pokemon cards are worth?

    I have them all
    does anyone no how much there worth each card?
    which cards are a high price?
    & the full set

    thankyou. x


    Check out completed listings on eBay, this is always a fair guide.

    Shiny Dark Charizard used to get a pretty penny back in the day, unsure which ones are worth anything these days.

    Not a lot tbh.

    They seem to go for a bit more in america

    Indeed, more in the US.

    My lad used to collect them. At one point he had a rare card worth about £100 (back in the day), I checked awhile ago and the top price was £7.50... The bubble has well and truly burst..

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    theres a guy in our local market /boot sale who sells them individually … theres a guy in our local market /boot sale who sells them individually and the cards start from 50p each to £20-£30 each, might be an idea to try that, or on here as there are a few of us who have kids who are pokemon if not then ebay is your best bet. Ebay is a great place to gauge your prices around, again some sell higher in the states but i have seen some over here go for stupidly high priceswhich full set do you have? as theres loads of them now

    I have the originall full set


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