can anyone tell me how much this could be worth?

    my son is wanting to sell his xbox360 console its 2 half years old come fully boxed with controllers, charging station and all leads/wires it has not been opened or banned from live cant think of anything else! thanks guys.


    elite or normal would help?

    Original Poster

    its normal and he got it for xmas 08 he thinks hard drive is 60 but will check as its upstairs

    It wont be a lot, as most buyers will be very wary of the fact that the RROD warranty expires in a few months time and it'll have an older board. If it's a 60GB pro, you're looking at £50-60 tops in my opinon. I'm basing that on the fact that there's a couple of brand new sealed 120GB Elites floating around FS/FT right now for £110 delivered.
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