Can anyone tell me if Specsavers have a warranty on their glasses frames?

Posted 27th Jan 2012
Hi, I paid £115 for my FCUK prescription glasses approx 10 months ago and the frames have started to deteriorate.

The frames are black but the colour has started to disappear and there are patches of grey rather than black. It reminds me of when I had a red car and the bonnet faded and as a result took the look away from the car.

I'm wondering if Specsavers do some kind of guarantee on their frames. I'm not looking for a refund, I'm just looking for another pair of glasses.

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Well you should have gone to Specsavers then

Edit: Oh you did (_;)

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They are pretty good, I have a frame and the handle had a decorative metal that hold it in place, fell off on holiday. The frame bought over a year and a half, want to the shop and they replace it with a new handle.
They are pretty good I say. Give it a go, nothing to loose.
they are very good with repairs.
on my o/hs glasses they said the warranty was 12mths but as he keeps sitting on them etc theyre still repairing 18mths on! but thats just a tighten up etc..
Theyre franchises so its a matter of how your local shop is with these things..but i saw a guy when i was in there arguing over his glasses wanting a replacement. You may have to state your case politely as they wont want to replace i dont think.
Yeah they all do come with 12 months warranty with free repairs in that period.
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