Can anyone tell me if this LCD tv is a good buy?? LG 42LF7700

    42" LG tv from John Lewis. It was mentioned on the Argos thread but this has the 5yr warranty. I have looked at the reviews and all seems good the only thing is that i dont need the freesat necessarily and wondered what other lcd's were around 100hz or above.
    Thanks, rep added for useful info!!!
    this is £599


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    Anybody, i am on the verge of getting this one????

    Decent enough review here:…012…iew

    Looks good and John Lewis 5 year guarantee is a bonus.

    There's always a lot of discussion about many models of TV on AVforums, that might help or it might confuse you more! Here's a link to its Reevoo page:…700

    I would buy this one, it is Plasma, not LCD, picture quality is far better at 42", and it is cheaper.…spx

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    I hear that plasma dont last as long though as lcd thats the only reason i prefer to stay away from them but then if it has yr warranty.

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    Now gone upto a whopping £799 literally as i was about to order it. They would not do it for that price so i ended up ringing around to get it cheaper so they would price match. A real pain so i hope the tv is worth it


    £599£60 extra for 5 year warranty, but probs worth it.Or get John Lewis to price match that.

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