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Found 21st Feb 2007
Thanks to the smashing deal tomoroow in asda. I am considering buying another ps2
However him indoors says no as the only thing wrong with ours is the fan (he thinks) is on its last legs.
So my question is anyone any idea how much it will cost to get the fan fixed/replaced and how mch inconvinance thats gonna be? Also any bright ideas as to where I can take it to get this done?

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Try Gamestation, apparently they will buy broken consoles sometimes if they think they can fix them, so I don't see why they won't try and fix it for a price.

try ebay for a fan

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Ty both of you

try ebay for a fan

I would but I have no idea how to fix it lol


I'd say for £50 buy the new one and sell the old one on eBay as you'll get half your money back and no need to buy a fan and have the hassle of fixing it.

Plus you get another years warranty.


Tell him to brave the moths that lurk deep in his wallet, get a new one!

yes get a new one!

Original Poster

You know thats what I wanted to do :giggle: think i'll take myself down to asda and see if they have any left


Tell him to brave the moths that lurk deep in his wallet, get a new one!

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