can anyone tell me the best sim to use whilst in usa/newyork for 4 days

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Found 4th Oct 2016
is it easier just to buy a payg sim in usa

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does three not do feel at home in USA
if they do they will be your best bet

I used 3 in New York and it worked like a dream!

I used Wats app it's fee on wifi in hotels and Starbucks, never need to use network, this worked fine for me, depends What you want to do I suppose.... Just put your mobile on flight mode and jobs a good un lol

I got a US SIM from eBay for a fiver with credit on it to ensure I had full text, call and mobile internet. Topped up once with a tenner and that was good for 2 weeks.

i topped up a 321 sim from It was slow but got the job done

3 payg. Works well in the US, but some of the networks you roam on can and will limit your usage if you hammer it.

was out there last month used 3 payngo feel at home, worked perfectly.

3 feel at home probably best.

if you want a US number, try t-mobile USA. they did unlimited everything for $2 a day when i was there in 2012, i mainly used it for data

Was there last week, me and my friend are on Three so were fine. Slow as hell through.

Yeah I'd just do WhatsApp or you'll get stung somewhere along the line with anything else. I also use Viber for calls.

Lyca. Cheap and best
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