Can anyone tell me the name of these photo effects?

    I've seen some photo effects that I would like to apply to some photos of mine. I'm using examples from someone's tumblr page.

    First there is this one, where the picture is shaking/jittering. What is this effect called and where can I be shown how to create it.…gif…gif

    Also there is this one, where the picture seem to be softened and almost washed out. Again what is this effect called and how can I found out how to create it.…png

    I'm pretty computer savy...but this I have no clue on.... so your help is appreciated.

    Thank you in advanced.


    1 - Shaky Picture
    2 - Wobbly Picture
    3 - Hot Girl Pouting Picture

    Hope this helps.

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    1 - Shaky Picture2 - Wobbly Picture3 - Hot Girl Pouting PictureHope this … 1 - Shaky Picture2 - Wobbly Picture3 - Hot Girl Pouting PictureHope this helps.

    Lol, There's always one.
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    The first two are gif animations. You'll need special software to create these (some freeware around). You can split them into separate frames to see what was done.
    Not sure what you like about third; colour cast? The way the shadows have been "dodged" so are not completely black?
    Sorry if misunderstood question.

    The third one looks like its had the colour desaturated and the blacks increased. Theres a few free online picture editors available, picasa, gimp etc...

    some clever ones here

    Looks good Richp,but looks like the face is a Photoshopper :-/

    I really want this as a facebook profile pic only with me of course and a pint

    Do gif's work on the facebook?

    Any tutorials on this stuff?


    According to people in the know, the still gifs with part animation is extremely difficult and time consuming.

    These are pretty impressive.
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