can anyone tell me what laptop drive i need

    ive got a 80gb hardrive in my laptop at the moment and am looking at get a 160 or even a 250gb HD thats also faster...

    Seagate Momentus 80GB (P-ATA)

    Momentus N3 from Seagate offers the perfect combination of performance and value.

    Capacity 80 GB
    Speed 4200 rpm
    Cache 8 MB
    Brand Seagate
    Type ST980811A
    Family Momentus N3
    Form Factor 2.5"
    IDE Interface EIDE ATA-100

    this is what the website says i have, ive got the drive out and it say

    ultra ATA momentus 4200.3 80gb

    also can anybody recommend me a drive, looking to spend around
    £70 perhaps a little more..

    its a packard bell MV45 duo core


    ahy dont you get an external hdd, for 70 quids youll get a decent one
    like this one…tle

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    Thanks guys for your help, i ordered the above, and also bought a usb caddy for the 80 gb one coming out, so i will have a nice usb powered external drive also...

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    anybody know if these will fit in a ps3?

    ps3 is sata is it not?

    Original Poster

    no idea
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