Can anyone tell me why..

Found 21st Oct 2008
My wireless network works great, until i try to transfer files between the 2 pc's?

The internet works fine, I can see each of the machines from the other and have no problem accessing files, but when i try to move anything between the 2, if its over about 200mb the network crashes and i have to restart it.

i use a netgear DG834GT router and a wg111t dongle on the pc upstairs. on sky broadband.

its driving me mad as I've just had a new pc and all my music etc is on the other pc.
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failing that, can anyone tell why chocolate is so nice? thanks.
maybe a vista prob?
possibly, one's vista and ones XP, would that cause that kind of issue? its driving me mad, my daughter has my old pc in her room and I can hear her playing all MY music, grrr lol

failing that, can anyone tell why chocolate is so nice? thanks.

because it melts at mouth temperature.

because it melts at mouth temperature.

dairy milk, dipped in tea.... melts in your mouth even better. sighhhhh lol
How is the network crashing? blue screen, freeze etc.?

Might be worth installing the latest firmware for the router:…asp

Or it could possibly be you need an update for the LAN drivers.

Hope it helps

And the chocolate thing is easy, real chocolate is made by Umpa-Lumpa's
do umpa lumpas make routers?

basically, after its transferred for about 10 mins, i get a system error pop up saying the network is unavailable. tells to me click to error check etc. Only thing i can do is pull out the dongle on the upstairs pc.

will try those suggestions tomorrow.. as I've had a lil drink or 2 and tonight i'm liable to smear chocolate on the router to try and fix it.. tomorrow i'll think there's been some kind of over night dirty protest (alan partridge, lol)

Thanks muchly for your help xx
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