Can anyone translate some pidgin German for me?

    got sent this,

    "die bis due ich bis ein danka banhov"

    from my standard grade german i realise the spelling is way out.

    can anyone suggest what this may mean?




    to due I to thankyou banhov

    Original Poster

    yeah, i got that too.....

    makes no sense though!!!

    that until due I until a "danka banhov"

    Danka being short for thank you

    "banhov" I haven't got a clue

    basically it is gobledeegook

    i made up due to a thank you Banhov??

    banhoff is train station, I spent 3 years in germany and picled up about 6 words and 3 phrases.

    bahnhof is train station

    I only speak the lingo, had no need to write it:whistling:

    I'm chuffed to bits thank you at Banhoff Train station lol

    if it is meant to be bahnhof it could be
    "the till due self till one thanks station"
    still doesnt make sense but the germans dont write words in the logical order!

    Original Poster

    wow, i'm really confused now!!!

    thanks guys :thumbsup:

    Why are you bothered? If it's from someone you know ask them what it means. If it's not, bin it!
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