Can anyone use 6 tickets for Gladiators at Shepperton Studios for this Sunday?

    I have got 6 tickets to see the Gladiators being filmed at Shepperton Studios this Sunday from Applause Store. I can no longer go and neither can my friend. If anyone would like them then pm me and I will forward the ticket email to you.

    This is your official eTicket valid for 6 PEOPLE, to GLADIATORS - SKYONE, taking place on SUNDAY 20TH APRIL 2008 at SHEPPERTON STUDIOS.

    You (& your guests) are now going to be part of the smash hit television series GLADIATORS! So be prepared to back your favorite team, make loads and loads of noise and be amazed at the spectacular games played right in front of your eyes!

    With glittering new sets, incredible Gladiators and amazing challenges, this is guranteed to be fantastic entertainment!

    Please Note: Due to the nature of the show, it does take a long time to record. Please ensure that you (& your guests) eat before you attand the show. We will provide soft drinks and light refreshments in one of the breaks during your stay. No food or drink will be allowed to be taken into the studio complex.

    Doors open: 15:15 pm
    Doors close: 15:45 pm
    Finish (approx): 21:00 pm

    Dress code: RELAXED & INFORMAL

    These tickets DO NOT guarentee you entry so I would advice you to get there early.


    I could use the tickets please

    I would love tickets if still available. Applied but never heard anything.
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