Can both an Ipod and Iphone, have apps/music installed if used on the same computer?

Recently I just got an iphone, and my sister has an ipod touch. She installed itunes at first and has used it download apps and music. My iphone has no apps or music on it and I want to download some. I tried yesterday and was told I need to upgrade my software to itunes 8.2 or later. My sister tells me that if I do she will lose all her music and apps as two ipod devices playlists arent compatible on the same computer?
I am very confused, and am very knowledge lacking in technical terms
If anyone can help I will be very grateful and rep them.

Thank you

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You shouldn't lose it from your itunes. But when you connect your iphone it should ask you whether you want to erase and sync. Do you not get this? just asked to update?
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