Can eBay be trusted by personal sellers?

Found 14th Nov 2016
Hello everyone, I bought a mini nes which was delivered last week, I played it once and I'm thinking of selling it. I doubt I'll ever use it again to be honest so was looking to put it on eBay, but I'm worried about all the horror stories of eBay and PayPal being so biased towards buyers that they'll side with the buyer with little to no investigation. Is there anyway to prevent this happening or is it just a risk sellers have to take with eBay now.


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Try selling it on here?

try avforums, here, maybe gumtree...maybe big key word for gumtree but highly recommend avforums

It's a risk but it's not that high. Just send it recorded and if they have an issue ask for it to be returned ( you only refund once you get it back). There's going to be a lot of geniune buyers out there for it this time of year! I think there is also a setting that means people with 5 or less feedback can't buy your things ( you could try that to cover yourself further)

How much you looking for maybe Intrested myself? Thanks

Send it Tracked, pref with a signature at end, then eBay will have "Evidence" if needed if buyer claims no receipt. Take pic before, or it working & condition & how its packed before, also weight.

If someone sent it back broken, and don't send it recorded you simply never received it

I've never had any problems with eBay as a seller. I've never had any experience with dishonest buyers, so can't comment on eBay's policy there - I've only ever used the Resolution Centre as a buyer (winning on each occasion... but that of course was with a valid case).

i think there have been problems where ebay has sided with the buyer even though the seller was honest. I don't know if that happens alot. My brother stupidly sold a laptop and didn't send it recorded and buyer claimed it never arrived. Always get a signature and get the item weight and postage paid at the post office.

Over 800 feedback-maybe over 500 of these from selling. Be honest, and send everything tracked, and you wont have any problems. On the couple of times i have had issues, ebay/paypal have sided with me the seller. Dont believe all the stories you read.

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Thanks everyone for the replies, the reason I want to sell on eBay rather than any forums or even here is the experience of how many watchers / how many bidders, plus a lot of places don't allow to sell for above rrp and the mini nes is selling for silly money on eBay.

A family friend runs a shop on Ebay, everything gets sent tracked, except once when the PO messed up and the tracking wasnt enabled - guess what, the buyer claimed it never arrived.

The PO would only refund the difference between the normal postal price and the tracked price; even though it was their mistake (he now pays for the postage using the PO PPI system, as the tracking is managed by a barcode, and not entered manually by an idiot at the counter).
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