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    Can exchanged Tesco vouchers be changed back to tesco clubcard tokens?

    Exchanged £15 of tesco clubcard tokens for £60 of vouchers for a restaurant but cannot make it to the restaurant in time.

    Can I exchange them back for cash value tokens?



    almost certain you cant. might be worth ebaying them?

    Yes you can. Just send them to tesco to be credited beck to your account with letter explaining this. They will put them back on to your account, that way they will last you a bit longer. :thumbsup:

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    Thanks all, especially for the links.

    Yes you can. I think you can send them back to Crawley and state the reason/how much value etc and your account details, and as long as the vouchers haven't expired you shouldn't have a problem - I certainly didn't with the ones I'd had for Goldsmiths Jewelery.
    Make sure you post them recorded in case they "go missing"!:thumbsup:
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