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Can feel a slight cold draft coming from window. What's the best way to reduce/stop it?

Posted 12th Feb 2013
I've tried adhesive seals around the edges but that hasn't really made any difference.

It's so cold!
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Is it a double glazed window ? Is the sash tight to the seals on outer frame ?
everything fasten up right?
New window
You can feel cold spots around glass, this is normal , if its a draught then it is either coming through frame side or sash , spray the hinges(at the very corner ) if it is a upvc window to help pull it in tighter ,use wd 40 or cycle oil .
It's a double glazed window and its now new. When I put my hand near it, I can feel a slight cold breeze. It's looks tightly sealed. I'll have anothe look when I'm in from work. Thanks
Do this to all of your windows and that will solve the problem.


Do this to all of your windows and that will solve the … Do this to all of your windows and that will solve the problem.[img]http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQW-1K_B7PK4OP1HpofFQrSSAlPU9LJgYDb1lmgxUxR5zgEgGOJ[/img]

That brickwork is atrocious , wrong mix strength too
is it more draughty wen heating is on?,if so maybe not a draught as such but thermal currant of hot air that has cooled as it hits the cooler window,try putting heat source in window (even just a candle).
Just seems draughty the whole time. I'll try the candle thing tonight though
Are you sure the glass in still in there, it's seethrough so someone may have nicked it without you knowing
To answer the question, move away from the window.... obviously?
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