Can foam/ polystyrene pellets be recycled?

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Found 1st Mar 2011
I bought a new turntable and the box it was in was packaged in a larger box with lots and lots of those foam pellet things. I asked the seller and they don't know and I've not found a definitive answer via google. TIA.

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if they can't be recycled i'd suggest reusing them when you need to send items in the future.

I don't think so as I believe I am right in thinking any polystyrene has to go in the 'rubbish' bin and not the recycling one, so I assume it's not recyclable.

are they disolvable ones? run one under the tap and see if it dissolves.

People are constantly asking for these on Freecycle where I live - I'd suggest offering them.

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OK peeps. thanks for your input. I put one under water, but it didn't dissolve. I'll either reuse them or see if anyone else needs them.
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