Can Game Reward Points be passed on?

Just wondering if Game Reward Points can be passed on? I've got £9.60's worth and I need an extra 180 points to round it up to a tenner as they can only be used in blocks of £2.50. Can this be done and if so has anyone got a spare couple of points they not using.





no they cant, can only be put on by buying something, and exactly how much do you need to spend to get 180 points, probs about 200 quid

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£1 a point. :x


pmsl so you got to spend £180 to get a tenner back, so how much are the pooints worth, as you say you got £9-60 but need a 180 to get a tenner, so is it 1000 points per £2-50

double points on preorders

Dude why not just start a thread asking for tenners from every1?


Closed @ OP request - thanks for the report

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