Can Hitachi DH28PX 240V 850W SDS Plus drill be used for Diamond Core drilling 127mm?

Found 30th Oct 2015
All DIY Gurus out there!

Can someone please help me - I understand this drill (link below) is a fantastic Hitachi - their best SDS model. Can I use it for diamond core drilling for installing extractor fan - or should I go for a beasty heavy but cheap SDS drills from screwfix, so that being hefty it is likely to handle the job and if it breaks, its not a big deal anyway?…098?hash=item35ed097aa2:g:mXQAAOSwcwhVQJ99

Also is Makita drill (link below) better than above Hitachi? Any observations please?…O9A

Many thanks in advance!
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If you are going to be doing core drilling then to be honest you should look for a drill with a clutch.

If the bit catches while drilling it is quite easy to break or dislocate your wrist.
Hi, if it's just one hole you can hire a core drill and bits for about 40.
Hi Mas99 and darbs, thanks for the replies.

yes, Hitachi has the safety clutch. I'll be drilling few diamond core holes and want to use the chisel and hammer funtion around the house / keep the drill on long term basis so looking for a quality tool.

I have found out that this Hitachi deals with diamond core drilling very well. It has metal gears, 3 years warranty and excellent reviews - some say is better than Makita / superb performance.
Hitachi is way better then Makita or any other hummer drill
Looks like Hitachi is under-rated! It has great specs / quality but less blurb in its adverts. I've ordered it now, will let you know how the diamond core drilling went!
Yes you can use it as all sds have clutches on them. Tip is just keep the drill in line with the hole and try not to let the bit get stuck and if its a modern house u shall be through within minutes. Ifs it a old house with engineering bricks then good luck and can take up to a few hours.
This drill is OK to do a hole every now and then but I wouldn't put it up to this much force on a regular basis. And don't put to much force on to it so the drill struggles.
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Hi Kash2013, many thanks, you definitely seem to know this stuff. This is the reply I was looking for. I feel I understand exactly what you are saying. Your tips are great. I plan to do only very few diamond cores around the house, so drill should be happy!

Yes you can...

Hi Kash2013, many thanks again for your reply and tips. I did try to do the diamond core today and your tips were brilliantly spot on! Hitachi 850W did handle it very well though the clutch did slip many times and at times even made sound like hammer drill
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