Can I

    Use my laptop charger in america?


    With the right adapter, yes.

    yes with a plug adaptor

    i think you might need a transformer, as us is 120v, it will charge it , but take ages to do it. thats what happened with my rechargeble battries anyway when i went. if it is the case and your driving a lot you can use a car charger

    Original Poster

    oh good was worried the voltage would be wrong or something

    only on july 4th, when they revolt

    Worked in LA for me.

    they are universal nowadays range from 110v to 250v which compensates automatically,
    just like ipods cameras etc

    Should be stamped on your laptop charger 110v- 240v:thumbsup:
    Take a 4 way adaper if you plan on charging other stuff, then all you need is one us to uk converter plug :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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