can i?

    can i get sky hd or sky plus without a landline as i dont have one?


    I don't believe you can...

    There is a good thread on satellite stuff.
    You could ask in there. :thumbsup:…l-u

    You must be able to because ours always tells us on screen at re-boot (usually for loss of sound due to flipping static) that the telephone line is not connected, we don't use any red button services or order movies though.

    you can-my m8 just got it-they will charge you 20 quid for "not having a phone line"

    I'm not too sure, My girlfriends sister has sky and Internet, but no phone so It could be possible.

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    thanks didnt think i could


    you can-my m8 just got it-they will charge you 20 quid for "not having a … you can-my m8 just got it-they will charge you 20 quid for "not having a phone line"

    Greedy burgers!

    The best place to get sky is from the sales people on the stands in shopping centres, u don't need a phone line to get it installed and u don't get charged for it.

    its extra (not sure of the price) but only needs to be connected for the installation.

    after that you can just disconnect it, its only needed for PPV and other payment TV afaik


    You definatelty can, I am getting mine installed Wednesday and "Amy" from Sky said I would need to pay a £25 manual activation fee - which I dont mind as half price Sky for a year is awesome.

    However if you want multi room then you do as they like to track where the second box is.

    When we moved house and got sky in, the engineer asked about a phone line and we told him we were waiting on it being connected.Two years went past before we got landline and sky never charged us anything.

    A phone line is not a pre-requiste.

    Mine has never been connected to the phone line since it was installed 5 years ago.

    When I used to sell Sky at Comet a few years ago we couldn't sell it to someone without a phone line. I believe the reason was because it acted as a credit check as they provided you with free equipment upfront.
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