Found 3rd Mar 2007
upgrade my o2 sim card? i use an older pay as you go o2 sim card which doesnt give any free texts like the new ones, i have some of the new sims but dont wanna change my number. is there anyway of upgrading my current sim so it will let me get the free txts without changing the number? im sure there's a thread somewhere but im to lazy to look and i need it in lamen terms:giggle:

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Found this on their website

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra each month? You might like f … Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra each month? You might like free calls to discuss the film, the popcorn and the noisy couple behind you. Or free texts to change your mind about where you’re meeting 15 times. Or discounted calls abroad to surprise friends in sunnier places. Well now you can, if you’ve been with O2 for at least six months and spend over £10 per month. Just call 2211 free from your O2 phone and choose which treat you’d like best

Doesnt say just for contracts, so try that

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thnaks kelly:thumbsup:
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