Can i ask people to look at my website on here?

    I have a website in which I want feedback, not to try and sell. Am i allowed to do this?


    Is it called patmaballs?

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    Is it called patmaballs?

    It soon will be, great idea


    It soon will be, great idea

    Glad to have been of help, but I will be expecting royalty's if it is a success. Are you going to give us a link to your site?


    Hi :…673

    * Self promotion of businesses and anyone involved with them, including staff, affiliate networks, marketing companies, SEO, PR etc, survey threads, post incentives, charity request threads made without prior permission, auction / marketplace sites (with the exception of those sellers approved by HUKD), personal sales elsewhere, links to personal websites, requests for referrals, referral links, third party affiliate links, advertising for personal gain and displaying of e-mail address in the forums is spam

    Unfortunately links to personal websites are prohibited under HUKD Code of Conduct guidelines. You can discuss the matter further with the Admin team via the main contact form :…act


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