Posted 18 November 2023

Can I book a OVOenergy meter reading online

I am sadly always at work and have been contacted by Ovoenergy saying they are taking me to court as they want to inspect my meter, I do not want them to come when I am not at home can I book a day and time online for the meter reading
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  1. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Give them a list of dates and times you are available, so that they can come at a time convenient to you. Obviously it needs to be reasonably wide, but a four hour window is ample.
    Do not take time off or make a special effort. You are the customer, not their slave
  2. tardytortoise's avatar
    what have they said when you contacted them?
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    I just saw the letter, I do not open the mail, I know I should
  3. innocent's avatar
    Yes, it can be arranged by ringing the Customer Services, call centre in some far flung place! This is after you have been hanging in queue for hours! You have got to be persistent or rather adamant that you want your meter read. Scoundrels don't like to send out meter readers even if you are on their priority register. Also they try to convert you to smart meter against your wish and are in the habit of sending over inflated estimated bills and their system works in such a way that you can't stop Direct Debits as you will be put on more expensive tariff etc
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    You might want to read op again, they want to read his meter.
  4. midhukd2's avatar
    Can you email them a picture of it?
    Had to do that for my parents as proof that the reading was genuine.
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    a lot of companies will accept photo readings but sometimes they want to come and look at the actual meter as photos can be photo shopped!
  5. edhjedwdwg's avatar
    Mostly meter is outside house. They can come and take meter reading in your absence.
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    My meter is outside, they wouldn't send a meter reader in spite of numerous requests and send me over inflated estimated bills.
  6. King65's avatar
    You can take photos of your meters and sent it to them. I have done the same in the past using my webcam on my laptop when Scottish Power were disputing my meter readings. Tell Ovoenergy like I told SP that the Meta data from those photos will confirm to them the exact date and time you took the photos. (edited)
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    I have done this every time I have switched suppliers and when there was any disagreement on the reading. There was a time when Eon insisted I had a prepaid meter and sent me a key but a photo of the meter quickly sorted it out. (edited)
  7. Pandamansays's avatar
    I'd just change supplier.
    Haven't had my meter read by the energy company in read in 7 or 8 years or so.
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    Change to which one? Do you recommend any? Do you send in your readings or is it all estimated?
  8. Sketchel's avatar
    If you're unable to read it or have anyone else read it for you, they will book you in for a meter read yes
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