Can I buy 100 of the same item from B&Q?

    Hi, does anyone know if B&Q have a quantity limit of the amount of items a single person can buy?



    Yeah, i would have thought so, what you going to buy?


    I bought 100 screws on my way home. They seemed OK about it.


    I bought 100 screws on my way home. They seemed OK about it.

    so 97 more than wayne rooney then?

    If I genuinely wanted 100 and they refused to sell me 100 I'd kick off. If you've no personal need of business requirement for 100 and it's clear you've got a bargain and intend to sell it on, I'd imagine they could query it, but I'd still be inclined to kick off... unless there's a super offer - the sort where they say clearly 'Maximum X per customer'.

    Its there shop,they don't have to sell you anything if they don't want.....unless you are up to some dodgy misplace scam or trying to rip them off there will be no problem


    They're a trade retailer so they should sell you as many of an item you want unless specified otherwise.

    Original Poster

    ok thanks,

    No I'm not up to a dodgy scam
    Last time I was a teen knifing thug

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