Can I buy a cheap moped to keep my no-claims discount?

    I cancelled my car insurance (£55 per month) when I sold the car. I have 5 years no-claims and it will be available for the next two years. I have been informed that I could buy a cheap moped say, get it insured and keep the non claims going.

    Is this possible?


    If your with a company that does both like eCar, i took the 1 year from my bike to a car. so don't see why not.

    I used to have a moped for a year when I was 16 then moved to a 125cc motorbike when I was 17. Didn't get a car until I was 20 and was able to use my 2 years no claims. Kwik Fit honours moped / bike no claims and I think AA does too (who I am with now), hope this helps

    Visit a scrap yard, find a scrapped 1.0L mini (dont buy it, just find the reg), then insure it for that year. Noone will ever know

    some insurers honour bike to car no-claims transfers, but many dont...



    some insurers honour bike to car no-claims transfers, but many dont...

    My bike insurance asked how many no claims I had with my car insurance, it didn't transfer to my bike as far as I'm aware :? still insured on my car.

    edit: Just checked my motorbike insurance policy....says no claims discount = 0

    My son had his moped stolen but hasn't cancelled the insurance (only insured 3rd party) hoping the no-claims might reduce his car insurance when he passes his driving test!
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