Can I buy a satelite box to get the Free Sky Channels

Found 26th Mar 2008
HI all
I have an areal and everything else, I dont want to subscribe to Sky but want a couple of the free chanells. is this possible?
Thanks a lot for any help.
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short answer YES you can
Depends on what channels you want. From Sky dish you'll get pretty much the same channels as on Freeview bar Channel 5.
Here is the list of channels on Astra 2:…tml

You'll only get channels that got "F" in Video Encryption field.

If you're OK with these channels then you can get el cheapo receiver for about 20 quid and hook it to Sky dish.
we found the best way of doing it was to find a good offer from sky, get it installed and then after the mimimum contract of subcribing expired we just had freeview using sky dish.
We currently have the Sky buy once view forever package, it costs £75 and includes installation, dish and 4 months sky subscription with 2 of the value packs, when the time is up we will use this a freeview, this gets around the bad aerial signal we have in our area, when we used a freeview box we couldn't watch it when it rained, not good in England!! ;-)
My wife is Brasilian and I wanted to get TV REcord on Channel 830, its not work 75 or a monthly contract on its own since I already have other stuff but it would be nice for her.

Would that be available u think.

Thanks for the help everybody, its very kind of u all.

You can get these Brasilian channels for free in the UK:

Record International Europa is FTA on Astra 1.
Rede Internacional de TV is FTA on Hotbird
TV Cancao Nova Internacional is FTA on Hotbird

If you want to receive all 3, you'll need to buy either motorized dish or to get 2 dishes, one pointing at 19.2°E (Astra) and another one at 13.0°E for Hotbird.
Sky dish is pointing at 28.2°E so if you have their dish you'll have to move it to 19.2E

Overall, the whole setup (FTA reciver, 80cm dish, LNB, cables, mount, Diseqc dual switch, etc) shouldn't cost you more than 100 quid if you'll go DIT route.
I have Hotbird: So thanks for that I will tune in, its a great help.
I line in flats and no dishes allowed other than those they give us.
These are Sky and Hotbird
So for Record, does that mean that if I have a receiver I can get it? Does that mean I nead a Sky Freeview receiver, if such a thing exists? and if so where do I get it?:
Do you know.
Again thanks if u can tell me any more.
Best wishes
As I never had Sky receiver I can't tell you how to add new channels.

You will need to move Sky dish to 19E instead of 28E. This is not a big deal and you can get chep satmeters for about a fiver or use your receiver as a signal meter.

You don't need some special receiver, any FTA receiver would do. But if you move Sky dish, you'll lose a lot of UK channels.

This is what you got on Astra 28.2E (only those channels with "F"):…tml

And these are channels on 19.2E:…tml

Hotbird is here:…tml
Yes, I know a few people who do this.
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