can I buy Euros using paypal?

Found 30th Mar 2015
I need to purchase euros usning my savings in paypal, is it possible to purchase currency online using paypal?
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Paypal withdrawal to bank is instant
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I would but then my partner would see the transaction and ideally I dont really want him to see how much im taking away on girly weekend LOL ; ) what he doesnt know cant hurt him, haha
you can paypal gift it to a mate and they can buy the euros for you from somewhere?
i don't think you'll be able to get anything half decent. came across a site that sells mobile credit for paypal funds and they have a 30% markup and very few customers
it seems there is no where to buy euros using your paypal.
i wouldn't recommend having your savings in a paypal account anyway as they are a tricky company when they want to be. I saved up some money in paypal a while back and because of an eBay dispute my accounts funds were limited and to this day they are stuck..
What about taking out cash and getting a pre-loaded debit / credit card in Euros?
Martin Lewis's website has good info on this:
Enjoy the weekend away!
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