Can I buy Itunes vouchers online for electronic delivery?

Found 24th Dec 2009
Need an Itunes voucher or even charge up an Itunes account with cash on xmas day, thanks.
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i buy on my account and it send to my sons so yes if thats what you mean??
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No basically can I use a credit card to top up my daughters i tunes account?


you can buy it and have it e-mailed to them or print out as a certificate to give them
Hi Beamo,
Thanks for that link, I was able to e-mail a voucher to myself and it credited the value to
my credit card. I was then able to click on the voucher sent to my e-mail address
and it allowed me to redeem it by simply clicking on the voucher.

I, like others think it could be far easier to spend money with I Tunes!!

Thanks again


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