Can I Buy More Than One Sky+HD Box Under The £49 Offer?

    Hi all,

    I am interested in purchasing a HD box from Sky under the new £49 offer, but we are also looking at getting a new TV in another room. Does anyone know of any way of getting two HD boxes for £49 each please, or if not how much the second box will set me back?




    I am sure that Sky are doing a special multiroom package involving HD boxes. Might be worth checking out their website. Best of luck.


    Only the first box can be bought for £49 and every box thereafter costs £199, maybe someone will correct me on this but it's my understanding of it. Could always buy a FreesatHD box for around £150 but it'll limit your HD channels.

    The TV advert in the small print says first box only is £49 so I guess not. You'll also be shelling out £20 per month for 1 extra multiroom and 1 extra HD subscription

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    Thanks for the replies all, sounds like two boxes @ £49 each is a non starter.:?
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