can i buy sopme argentinian gift cards for xbox anywhere (not ms store) ?

Posted 3rd Mar 2016
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Have you not tried following ChrisUK's guide to buying from other countries - LINKY HERE
Once you've done it once, it's always ready to purchase from that region in the future

Also check HERE as Argentina isn't the cheapest for PVZ2!!
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what i did was change the region on my, i couldnt understand the language when in payment/credit card screen, but i did everything, then it said that i must try a diff payment option.

when microsoft authorized 40p they tried taking 77.00 in our money for the division, you can see the link in the picture of ms trying to take 77.00.

do i need to change everything in my details cause for some reason ms are tring to take english amount out


What payment method are you trying to use??
Also if you use chrome browser, it will translate the payment screen for you
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