Can I cancel a direct debit? Phone contract ended "october 2014"

    So yeah, contract was fully paid then.. I don't "owe" them anything,

    not got around to ringing up and trying to end it that way I've never really even used the contract as the signal was poor on Orange so I switched to Vodafone..

    It's like £35 a month I've been paying, if I cancel the direct debit will it have any bad effects? Like I say the contract I signed for 18 months is technically over with?

    Just wondering



    I think you will have to phone them up and cancel
    Some places you have to give a months notice

    Call and give a months notice, and take the name of the person you talk to, Also ask them to email you a copy of the conversation, or the cancellation proof,

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    Ok thanks,
    would it effect my credit rating if I was to just cancel then? was just trying not to pay another £35 for something I've not used for over 12 months.. my own fault really

    yes it will effect your credit rating if you just cancel your DD and not tell them, they will keep charging you until it goes to a debt collection agent

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    Ok, never had to do it before so was just making sure. Thanks guys

    Check with your bank as well. If you agreed 18 months contract and not ongoing they can tell you if the other party have stopped claiming the monthly payments and advise you on best course of action , your statement should also show if they still claiming the money.As DalekFan69 says some want a months notice and until you give it will just keep taking.Westy125 right advice on backing up your conversations.

    under the DD guarantee you can cancel. however I expect you were on a minimum 18mths contract will only end when you advise them you wish to cancel. will prob require 30 days notice as others have said.

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    Yeah it's still coming out that's how I've noticed. Totally forgot about the contract to be honest but noticed it had come off on statement

    They are all 'minimum term' contracts so they don't auto cancel. In most cases you pay line rental a month in advance or at least part month so shouldn't have to pay full amount in the 30 days notice. If you just cancel the DD they will drag it out for a month just assuming the payment bounced, by then it's 2 or 3 months owed then pass you on to a debt collector. just call and give notice. Far far easier! They can be real A holes!

    I'm on a contact with Vodafone. They over charged me so many times & it's always taken off of the next bill instead of instantly refunded. I cancelled the direct debit & now pay over the phone when it's due. It costs me about £2.50 more because I don't get a discount for paying by dd. It's your right to cancel a dd at any time. You can also reverse a payment that's been taken.


    You can cancel the DD if you want, but you'll need to continue paying the line rental until you call them and give 30days notice.

    It seems the best course of action is
    Unfortunately pay for 1 more month
    Phone them and cancel the contract
    Ask for written proof that this has been cancelled
    Also get confirmation of the date for the final payment being taken
    Once this payment has been taken then cancel the direct debit
    Then you are free
    Also you may want to check out the sim only deals - some bargains out there
    Unless you want a new phone and another 1.5 to 2 year contract
    Good luck
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