Can I cancel old contract and new upgrade contract with Vodafone

Posted 27th Aug 2020
I have been offered an upgrade, if I upgrade my account, which has 2 months left until it expires can I then cancel the upgrade and void both contracts?
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I wouldn't have thought so
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When you upgrade you obviously sign upto a minimum length contract
If you upgrade the new contract starts when the old one finishes so if you cancel the upgrade they will just revert your contract dates back to the original so you would still have the 2 months left, most companies allow you to upgrade earlier than your end date to keep you
As above, you don’t get a second contract when you upgrade. You just renew the one you have. You sign a new contract with a minimum term
I've done this with talktalk before, renew a contract early then cancel during the cooling off period (as a good Vodafone deal came around) just after I signed up.

I'd just recommend reading the renewal T&C's with the cooling off period
Lol. Every post is disinformation. If the new contract is sold with the incentive of terminating the old contact and the new contract is ordered off premises = no issue to cancel without penalty. The CS jockey will even require you to accept the cancellation options prior to allowing you to upgrade; just listen to the cancellation options to hear the procedure / implications.
The mandatory off-premises cooling off period is required by S29 CCR 2013…ade

If your concern is related to termination of the old contract, just ask the question prior to upgrade:
"does the old contract immediately terminate when the new contract becomes active?"
to which the answer is yes.
If no, ask the CS jockey to state where that rubbish is quoted in t&c and provide a copy of it, which won't happen because there is no such term.

If returning hardware related to an upgrade there may be an £8.50 postal return fee, but zero cost to return to store.
There may also be an unrecoverable activation fee, although I suspect unlikely that would apply to a similar contract upgrade.
renewing with a phone as part of the offer ties you in to a new contract (technically renewing the existing one) - if you cancel, I cannot see Voda accepting a 'used' phone as that would technically breach the terms of the contract?

Feedback what they say when you try though!!
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