Can I cancel Tesco Direct preorder

Found 26th Nov 2012
I took advantage of a good offer a while back which meant I preordered Halo 4 and The Dark Knight Rises and used a few coupon codes.

Halo 4 has since been sent and arrived.

However, I want to buy the Batman limited edition trilogy now from Amazon for £25 and my Bluray of the Dark Knight rises from Tesco has not been sent yet.

Can I cancel it and if so will I end up having to pay more or get £15 back. Or will I get less back due to voucher codes?

Here`s a pic to help you understand…png

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They`ll probably refund you a fiver.
Yeah, that`s what I think so I guess I will have to leave it.
Could always Ebay or sell it on here.
Phone them for clarification. They probably have some way of working it out how much refund you get when using vouchers.
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