can i change my mobile number with t-mobile

    I'm gettin alot of harrasin text messages from my boyfriends ex girlfriend, is there a way of gettin my number changed. I can't see anything on their website. I'm on the solo plan.

    Thankyou for any advice.


    call them up - usually for nuisance calls they will change your number once for free

    I think It depends on the networks policy... years ago I had to file a police report and get the incident number from them and give it to the network provider so that they could change my number for free... I think there was a cost to change your number if you didn't want to do it that way. Best to phone your customer services and see what they can do. :thumbsup:

    Do you have long left in your contract as now would be a good time to take out a new one ,

    Most networks require you to report it to the police (going on the idea, if you take it seriously they'll help you), give the network the police number and they'll change your number for free. . .

    T-mobile changed mine without charge (and fairly hassle free) about a year ago.

    If they do charge it'll be no more than a tenner anyway

    Original Poster

    thanks for the help everyone, am gona ring them wen i get home

    just bump her off ;-)

    erm, seriously, swap sims with your boyfriend, let him have the hassle ;-)
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